Hi, I’m Dawn Swann and I would love to encourage you on your individual journey to optimal wellness. 
I know first hand what it's like to juggle home, family, a job, serving those in our community. Most people run hard, doing everything within their power to help everyone and everything around them, putting themselves last. Many times, we sacrifice our own well being in the process. Our bodies, and our minds will eventually pay the price.
My own journey to overall health didn’t begin until a few years ago in my early 50’s. I found myself tired most days with achy joints, internalizing stress, poor sleep patterns and what I thought was an ok diet. Many days my body wouldn’t show up as my mind thought it should. Visits to highly trained doctors led me to referrals to the next doctor who could potentially help me feel better, which led to writing a prescription to settle my symptoms versus getting to the root cause. I knew I needed a new plan, one that looked at all aspects of health, emotional as well as physical and most importantly one that was obtainable for life. 
I took the past year and a half to work with an incredible naturopathic doctor, cook and eat plant based meals, regularly sleep (yes, it’s possible), redirect the pattern of my days and become a integrative nutrition health coach. 
I would love to help you feel your absolute best and to support you as you journey to a more nourishing relationship with food, your body and yourself.







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